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The Du’a of Abi Tharr Al-Ghafaari (RA)

One day Jibril (AS) came to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ just as Abi Tharr (RAA) was approaching. So Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ask Jibreel (AS)  “O Trusted One of Allah! Do the Angels know the name of Abi Tharr in the heavens?”

“Yes. And I swear by Al-Haqq Who sent you, that Abi Tharr is more known in the heavens than he is in the earth. O Messenger of Allah! Do you know how he is known in the heavens?”


“He is known by his dua which he makes twice a day. And the angels are shocked by his dua’. Go and ask him about this dua and ask him where he got it.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ “O Abi Tharr is there a supplication you make twice a day?”

“Yes, may my father and mother be your ransom. I swear I never heard it from anyone, except that Allah provided me with ten phrases and I supplicate with them twice a day. 

After facing the qiblah, I say:

بسم الله و سبحان الله

و الحمد لله و لا إله إلا الله

و الله اكبر

اللهم إني أسألك إماناً داءماً

  و أسألك قَلْباً خاشعاً

و أسألك عِلماً نافعاً

و أسألك يقيناً صادقاً

و أسألك ربّنا دِيناً قَيِّمَة

و أسألك العافية مِن كُلّ بِلْيَة

و أسألك تامة العافية

و أسألك دَوام العافية

و أسألك الشُكر على العافية

و أسألُكَ الغِنَى عَن النّاس

و صلّى الله على سيّدنا محمد 

و صلّى الله على محمد 

و على أهل بيت محمد


Allahumma Inni as-aluka Imaanan Daa-e-man

Wa as-aluka Qalban Khau-she-’an

Wa as-aluka ill-man Naa-fe-’an

Wa as-aluka Ya-qeenan Saau-diqan

Wa as-aluka Rabbuna Deenan Qay-yi-ma

Wa as-aluka al-’Aafiya min kulli bil-yah

Wa as-aluka Tamaama al-’Aafiya

Wa as-aluka Da-waa-mil ‘Aafiya

Wa as-alu-kash Shukr ‘alal ‘Aafiya

Wa as-alu-kal Ghina ala An-Naas

Allahumma Saul-lee ala Muhammad wa ala Aalee Muhammad


“With The Name of Allah, Glory belongs to Allah, Praise be to Allah, There is no god except Allah, and Allah is The Greatest.

O Allah! I ask You for Everlasting Faith

And I ask You for a Heart That Fears You

And I ask You for Beneficial Knowledge

And I ask You for Sincere Conviction 

And I ask You Our Lord for Firmness in this Deen

And I ask You for The Best of Health in every calamity

And I ask You for Perfect Health

And I ask You for Everlasting Health 

And I ask You for gratitude for being healthy

And I ask You for freedom of needing anyone but You

And send the prayers upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Jibreel (AS) then said “O Muhammad! I swear by The One Who revealed to you the Truth, none from that calls by this dua unless without Almighty Allah (SWT) forgiving his sins, even if they are more than the foam of the ocean, or more than the dust of the earth. There is no one from your nation that will meet Allah and has this dua in his heart, that Jannah will miss him and the place where he made this dua will ask for his forgiveness. Allah will open paradise for him and all of its gates. And the Angels will call him saying “O Wally of Allah! Enter Paradise from any gate you wish.”

Related by Imam Jaafar As-Sadiq (RA) ~ Nawaadir Usool